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Corey Craig grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he got into his fair share of trouble. Between middle school and high school, he was suspended over 30 times. Now residing in Los Angeles, California, Corey is an actor, motivational speaker, writer, producer, and director. His childhood of troublemaking has turned around to lead him to being on numerous television and film appearances, including Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless, Pee-wee's Big Holiday, Major Crimes, Godzilla, and The Guild

His message is powerful, entertaining and empowering. He has even given a TED Talk entitled ‘Zen in the Art of Troublemaking.’ Corey’s lecture revolves around three key areas that are crucial for youth: Accept, Empower, Achieve. He challenges others to pay it forward, and cause a positive ripple effect. He is engaging, funny, and interactive. 

Corey is seriously such an inspiration. Glad he came down to NSU! So cool to hear his story.
— Alli Taylor, Northeastern State University of Oklahoma
His stories pack an emotional punch – one that shirts paradigms.
— Jan Bretz, TedXLincoln
Students moved, hearts opened...
— Professor Jeanne Taylor, Citrus College
Your message hit me just when I needed it
— Barbara Hopkins, National Education Association
WOW. Corey’s speech was an awesome experience. He was extremely genuine and high energy which is exactly what students need their first night at college. He had this awesome way of uniting strangers and getting people to come out of their shells. His message was enthusiastic, hilarious, honest and most of all vulnerable; it was great. We were lucky to have him speak!
— Kylie Dyer, Longwood University

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