Troublemaker Foundation

Founded by Corey, Troublemaker Foundation has inspired many young people to identify and commit to achieving their full potential. 

Troublemaker Foundation was publicly launched as a California corporation in August of 2013 and granted federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status a year later. Troublemaker was organized exclusively for charitable purposes; specifically Troublemaker Foundation conducts youth outreach initiatives focused on self-improvement motivation and empowerment to encourage young people to reach their full potential through practical goal setting and an applied positive outlook on life.

Troublemaker was created under the premise that each individual has within himself or herself the power of self-determination, and that actualizing such a life requires goal setting. The foundation encourages young people to reach their potential and succeed in their life endeavors through inspirational messages, engagement opportunities, educational opportunities, interactive programs and events, and practical tactics.

It starts with three steps:

1.  Accept   Be comfortable with who you are; apply that to others
2. Empower – Spread out as you go up; help others along your journey
3. Achieve –  Set goals and enjoy your accomplishments, large and small, they all count

The foundation believes following these three steps can make the world of difference for any young person, but especially for those who have been picked on, bullied or saddled with a negative label–like troublemaker.  These steps are intended to help young people accept who they are, identify their goals and then point them to the tools and tactics to help achieve them. The foundation also believes that feeling comfortable in one’s own skin is a universal necessity and that young people going through any challenge can be successful by helping them identify and apply their innate abilities.

The mission of the foundation is to empower youth to achieve their dreams through outreach and positive self-motivation, and goal setting.

The vision of the foundation is to be the leader in helping and motivating youth despite societies labels to pursue their dreams through acceptance, empowerment, and achievement. 

Thank you so much for standing up for my dream to be the astronaut who does the first solo flight to the moon today! It meant A LOT TO ME! I’ll think of you when I’m on the moon!
— Tyler, Student
It really meant a lot to me to hear you say that we can do great things and that you believe in us. There are way too many teachers that don’t seem to care. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come talk with us and help all of us. You’re such a huge inspiration. No matter what happens in life, whether I continue singing and performing, help others through social work, or just make it through with a good attitude, I’ll remember the words that you said today.
— Emily, Student
You made such a huge impact on my daughter today at Lincoln Northeast High. Thank you for sharing your life experiences first hand with young adults there. It is in this way that they will come to hear the message they need to hear... from someone other than a parent! Thank you again!
— Anne, Parent